Simply Healthy Meals | Lemon Orzo with Asparagus and Dill

This delicious lemony orzo is the ultimate quick and easy meal. It is perfect for a light spring dinner, can be served alongside your favorite protein, and the leftovers (if you have any) make the BEST lunch. The asparagus cooks right in with the orzo, then together they get tossed in a bright lemon dressing. The garlic breadcrumbs adds a nice crunch. The entire dish is ready in under 30 minutes, and you’ll find yourself making it again and again.


1 cup orzo

1 lb asparagus, trimmed and cut into 1 inch pieces

5 Tbsp olive oil (divided)

juice of 1 lemon

1/2 cup Panko breadcrumbs

1 clove of garlic minced

1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese (plus more for serving)

1/2 cup fresh dill, basil, or parsley (or any combination) roughly chopped

salt and pepper to taste


Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil

Add the orzo and cook according to the package directions. Add asparagus during the last two minutes of cooking time.

While the orzo cooks, make the lemon dressing; whisk the lemon juice with 3 Tbsp of the olive oil, and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Once the orzo and asparagus are done cooking, drain, then toss with the lemon dressing. Stir in the cheese and herbs and season to taste with salt and pepper.

To make the breadcrumbs, heat the remaining oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Add the breadcrumbs and garlic. Stir and cook until golden brown and fragrant (about 3 minutes)

Top the orzo with the breadcrumbs and serve with extra Parmesan

Benefits of Yoga for Kids of All Ages

Let’s face it, we live in a FAST paced world. Our kids are rushed from one activity to the next. With school, and activities, sports, friends, and lets not forget homework, kids are in hurry-up mode more often than not. For many kids this leads to stress and anxiety.

Our kids benefit from yoga as much as we do. When children learn how to relax and breathe, they can better handle any challenges that come their way. Yoga helps kids to manage daily stress in a healthy way, and this is an invaluable life skill. Yoga builds strength, increases flexibility, and improves a child’s body awareness. Children’s yoga combines exercise, which is beneficial for everyone, with play. Unlike performance based sports, yoga allows kids the opportunity to practice poses without the worry of having to “get it right”. At the same time yoga builds confidence, self-esteem, and a positive body image.

The mindfulness aspect to yoga encourages focus and concentration, and improves memory. For children with ADD/ADHD yoga has been shown to have positive effects on behavior, even off the mat. Children with ADHD that practice yoga are better able to focus and pay attention in class. Practicing yoga also helps develop the skills needed to control emotions and reduce aggressive behavior, and this helps to build social connections kids desperately need.

By introducing our children to Yoga, we are providing them the tools they need to develop and nurture a strong and resilient mind, body, and spirit.

Spotted Dog Yoga Children’s Yoga Classes ( and get them started early with prenatal yoga Tuesdays at 6pm with Bonnie )

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The Hala Difference

You’ve seen your friends post their SUP pictures. You’ve heard about how fun a SUP Dog adventure is. Now, you’ve decided its finally time for you to get a stand up inflatable paddle board…but there are SO many choices, how do you pick the right board for you?

At Spotted Dog we specialize in Hala brand gear. Yes, there are less expensive boards. You can find a board at practically any store in town. However, you know the saying you get what you pay for? Hala may cost more than a Costco SUP board, but a Hala board is more than worth the investment.

From the Straight Up which is perfect for newbies, and the Asana whose wider build makes it perfect for SUP yoga, to the Atcha made for river adventures, Hala has the perfect paddle board for anyone. Hala boards come with an adjustable carbon paddle, a rolling backpack, a hand pump, and even a repair kit.

Hala stand up paddle boards are simply built better. Hala’s Thick Fusion Construction™ creates a board that can tackle river use while still being lighter that most SUP boards. With Hala’s Carbon Construction™ SUPs, you’ll get an inflatable paddle board that performs like a hardboard. Hala boards are lightweight, durable, and it’s this attention to every detail that allows Hala to offer an industry-leading 5 year warranty!

Join Spotted Dog for a SUP adventure or mini-adventure this season, and experience the Hala SUP difference for yourself. Happy Paddling!

Call or Text Spotted Dog Yoga & SUP for information or a private paddle board consultation! 1-916-990-1720


SUP Adventures

Willow Creek, Lake Natoma

The days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer. That means SUP season is near. Our SUP schedule is in the process of being finalized, so stay tuned for ALL the adventure details. In anticipation of another amazing SUP season, Spotted Dog has a *limited time offer* available until 03/31/21

SUP DOG Mini-Adventure Pass Special

4 Mini Sessions for $160.00

Use your SUP Dog pass on any SUP Dog Mini-Adventure this season.

SUP Adventures will Include:

Folsom Lake

Beeks Bight

Browns Ravine

Rattlesnake Bar

Salmon Falls (NEW)

Lake Natoma

Willow Creek

Negro Bar (NEW)

No SUP experience? NO problem. No yoga or paddle board experience is necessary. We’ll provide you with the best yoga-specific paddle boards and gear, you just need to bring water, a towel, and an adventurous spirit!

But remember, this is a limited time offer. Purchase your SUP Mini-Adventure pass by March 31st.

Happy Paddling!

40 Days and Light Up! Teacher Training, two programs that changed my life

2020 was certainly quite a year.

January always comes with a clean slate. 12 months to do things differently. To make better choices. To be more present. I love the optimism that the new year brings. Who could have predicted how the year would actually unfold.

2020 did have a few brights spots for me. I completed my first 40 days program, and in February graduated from Spotted Dog’s 200 hour Light Up! teacher training. It may sound cliche, but both of these programs had a profound effect on me.

Teacher Training had already begun, when I decided to participate in the 40 days program. I was hesitant at first. I already had been attending classes regularly, and with teacher training thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the reading. But when a feeling nudges you towards something, listen.

The weekly meetings built an even stronger community connection, and the book work always seemed to touch on exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. If you could see my book, it is highlighted ALL over! Don’t fear the fruit fast 🙂

40 days is one of the best ways to begin the new year with an intention to make it the best one yet, but …

Teacher Training literally changed my life!

True story, I had never taken a yoga class before signing up for teacher training. Not a single one. But standing at the front desk, I would stare at the Light Up! announcement on the chalkboard. Something was telling me I had to try.

You know the feeling, that something needs to happen to change things up a bit, but you have no clue where to start? That was me. I was stuck, not unhappy, but stuck in a rut. I knew it, but had no idea how to fix it.

Whatever you do, if you don’t intend on following through with something, do not ever voice your intention out loud. Because if you do, things align to make it happen whether you are ready or not. As it so happened, I was more ready that I thought. That first Light Up weekend was all it took for me to know this was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Not only does the yoga change your body, the work you put in changes your entire way of being, at least it did for me and the rest of our group. We came away from those weekends with a connection I did not think was possible, and a sense of empowerment I never knew existed.

As we reflect on the year that wasn’t, and look forward to 2021, why not enter into this year with purpose and an intention to make this a year to remember.

SDY’s VIRTUAL 200 Hour Teacher Empowerment Program – NOW starting January 23rd

40 DAYS: PURPOSE (on Zoom) Begins January 17th

and for extra fun join me on zoom for simply healthy meals every Thursday at 6pm