February Teacher of the Month: Jim Sweeney

Jim Sweeney is teacher of the month for February!!! Come check out his amazing classes if you haven’t already and check SDY’s schedule to book his classes early. ♥

Teaching Schedule:

Thursday’s @ 7:30 PM

Saturday’s @ 4:30 PM

Sunday’s @ 4:30 PM


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January Teacher Of The Month: Katie Clark

Congratulations & thank you Katie Clark, you are SDY’s teacher of the month for January! Katie is the Co-Founder of Spotted Dog Yoga as well as a tier 2 teacher for the Baptiste Yoga Institute! Check the SDY schedule & join this amazing lady weekly at ‘The Dog!’ Also, join Katie for SDY’s 4th anniversary party on Sunday January 13th & YOGA + BEER at Grist Beer Hall on January 27th! Book events & Workshops HERE!

8 Holiday Gift Giving Ideas From SDY

Holiday Gift Ideas


1. Hydroflask


2. Shirts

3. Leggings/Shorts

4. Gift Cards


5. Private Lesson

6. Yoga & Beer (1/27/19) at Grist Beer Hall

7. Hats


8. 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program (Begins 1/23/19)


Play Hard ♥ Love Big

Family Yoga

The alarm is buzzing. Time to get the kids up and ready for school. Plus you need to get ready for work, pack the lunches, drop the kids off. Then there’s soccer practice, dance lessons, laundry, grocery shopping, dinner, yard work, and an endless list of all the “other” things.

How do you create family bonding time in the midst of all the craziness? Great question!

The key is to find an activity that each member of the family can enjoy. What would that even look like?

There is one solution that has been tried and tested for years and years and has also proven successful.


Yoga is beneficial for all ages, and finding one hour per week to take a class together as a family is not too challenging if you make an effort. Family yoga time at your local park or at home is also an option, if a formal class is too much of a commitment at first.


How can yoga benefit your family?

1. Create dialogue

Each instance can inspire an insightful conversation.

2. Develop a Healthy Body Image

Yoga is an opportunity to build confidence on a deeper level, and to not judge oneself on appearance.

family yoga 1.jpg

Dad’s do yoga too!

3. Connect the Mind & Body

It creates more peace, clarity, compassion, love, and patience-and any family could use more of all of those qualities.

4. Form Bonds in the Community

Creates an opportunity for people to bond.

family yoga 4.jpg

Yogi mom’s and their kiddos at Spotted Dog Yoga-Folsom,CA

5. Have Fun!

Both kids and adults alike enjoy the opportunity to be more playful.

family yoga 3.jpg

Family Yoga at Spotted Dog Yoga-Folsom, CA

6. Encourage Understanding

It gives the family more insight into a piece of their lives that is special and sacred.


We would LOVE for you and your family to join us for Family Yoga here at Spotted  Dog Yoga. It happens once a month on the first Saturday of every month, unless otherwise specified. Our next Family Yoga is on Saturday, December 1st, 2018 from 3:00-4:00 PM. Adult members are $15, Adult non-members are $20 and kids are always FREE for Family Yoga. Kids ages 2-14.

To Sign Up

Book online at Spotted Dog Yoga

Stop by the studio and sign up in person

Give us a call at (916) 990-1720

Facebook Event

We can’t wait to spend the afternoon with you and the whole crew!


Play Hard ♥ Love Big



Sign up for YOGA BUDDY at the FRONT DESK of Spotted Dog Yoga.

Spotted Dog Yoga’s YOGA BUDDY PROGRAM is designed to help you stay accountable to your weekly, monthly & yearly yoga goals. Another reason why Spotted Dog Yoga is Folsom’s BEST yoga!


Let us know what you need from us & we will follow up to make sure that you are successful in developing YOUR yoga foundation. Sign up at the front desk & fill out our YOGA BUDDY accountability form. SDY mentors will stay in communication with you throughout your journey!


This Facebook group page is designed to connect you with people who are headed to yoga at SDY!

A) Post your daily & weekly practice schedule!

B) Commit to joining your fellow SDY community members by commenting on their posts!

C ) Show up & practice with YOUR YOGA BUDDIES!


The greatest students make the best teachers! At SDY our teachers have a disciplined & committed practice.  All of SDY’s teachers are enrolled & active within the YOGA BUDDY PROGRAM. Roll your mat out next to them at Spotted Dog Yoga!


1) Sign up & enroll in YOGA BUDDY at the FRONT DESK of SDY.

2) Remember to download & use SDY’s free mobile app (apple & android) as another way to stay accountable & as a way to earn REWARDS for yoga & sweet swag items from SDY!