Have Fun, Feel Energized and Be Inspired!

POWER classes are open to students of all experience levels and options are given to both modify and intensify poses. Experience classic Baptiste Power Yoga where each class is built on the foundation of the Journey Into Power sequence, a series of postures that flow from one to the next.

45, 60 or 75 minutes, 90 degrees with humidity

DEEP FLOW classes move with a slower, flowing pace and include a much longer floor series. The longer holds with an emphasis on hip opening poses, will give you access to release built up tension and stress from your body.

60 or 75 minutes, 90-95 degrees with humidity

POWER PLAY classes allow you to use the foundation you have built in your yoga practice to move into NEW possibilities through a combination of play and hard work. While working from the Journey Into Power sequence, your teacher will incorporate variations of poses that challenge you and elevate your practice.

60 or 75 minutes, 90-95 degrees with humidity

RESTORATIVE classes provide the space to meditate, turn inward and develop the healing flexibility your body craves. You will practice stillness within poses held for longer periods of time to create alignment physically and mentally. Props will be provided that will allow you to hold the poses in a relaxed manner.

75 or 90 minutes, no heat

POWER BEATS classes are the same POWER classes you’re used to...but with music. Your teacher will incorporate music powerfully and intentionally to spark your inner fire and lead you into new possibilities!

45, 60 or 75 minutes, 90-95 degrees with humidity

KIDS CLASSES classes are offered for two different age groups, 5-13 or 8-14, and are designed to empower and inspire kids through yoga. At Spotted Dog Yoga, we believe that the most powerful way to build a strong future for our community is to teach our children to believe in themselves!

60 minutes, no heat

HIIT classes are designed for practitioners interested in adding interval training or additional cardio to their existing workouts or yoga practice. High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) is widely accepted to increase your metabolism, strengthen your heart, regulate blood sugar levels, and burn more calories than traditional cardio.

30 minutes, 80 degrees no humidity

PRIVATE sessions can be tailored to your preferences! You can schedule a private session if you are interested in a deeper understanding of the foundations of yoga, are working with an injury or just want to see greater results faster! We also offer private sessions on or off site for groups including special events such as kids birthdays, bachelorette parties and more! BOOK PRIVATE SESSION NOW!

Group Class Membership Packages

At Spotted Dog Yoga, we are committed to helping our clients visualize AND realize their individual goals. With a variety of membership options, we are able to match each of our clients with the package that will best suite their needs. Our memberships require no annual contract and you can easily upgrade or downgrade your membership plan as needed. In addition, we offer class passes in quantities of 15 and 30.


This option is perfect if you are new to yoga or are adding yoga as a supplement to your existing workout plan. This membership is affordable and will allow you to commit to a consistent one practice per week goal.


The 8 Class Membership will provide you with the commitment and consistency necessary to achieve your goals. Those who commit to attend a minimum of two classes per week are typically going to see greater results faster.


Want to get the most out of your yoga practice? Commit to 3 or more classes per week and you will see amazing results in your body and your life!


You are committed to your yoga practice, but don’t want to commit to monthly payments…no problem! You can pay up front for the year but still receive the benefits of an unlimited membership.

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