You gotta LOVE her!

Meet Stephanie Tice…fabulous SDY teacher! In addition to being a yoga lover, Stephanie (or Stephy) loves to hike, go to the beach, travel, read and play board/card games! She is originally from San Jose, CA and has been married to her husband, Ryan, for 18 years this June! Stephy knew she was going to marry Ryan the night they met! They have two daughters, Lauren (15) who is finishing her freshman year at Vista and Camryn (13) who is finishing 7th grade at Folsom Middle. The Tice family also has a one-eyed dog named Ohso. He is a chocolate brown cocker spaniel and is “oh so” cute!!! Stephy is a total neat freak (it calms her), loves Las Vegas and playing blackjack, secretly wishes she was a CIA agent and her favorite meal is a burger with fries and a cold beer.


Stephy has been practicing at SDY for 21 months and teaching with us since January. She is also a school teacher so during the school year she prefers to practice in the evening. During the summer, however, she enjoys the 5:45am classes…call her crazy but she doesn’t sleep in! In order to stay consistent in her yoga practice, Stephy tries to practice at the same times and days each week to stay committed. Being consistent in her practice keeps her in a good mindset and she is more productive in her everyday life. When she doesn’t practice she can easily slip back into her old way of being/thinking.

Stephy never thought she was going to become a yoga teacher, but after developing her practice and becoming a part of the community she knew she wanted MORE! She is inspired by the possibilities of growth for herself while being able to give back to others. Stephy has discovered a lot about herself through her yoga practice. She has found an ease about being on her mat which has carried over into life off her mat. She has discovered what it means to be present and let go of expectations of what she thinks things should be and accept what is. She has also realized that she is the source of what is in her life.

From the very first time Stephy walked into Spotted Dog Yoga the community feeling has been a huge inspiration to her. She loves the camaraderie, the support and encouragement and the friendships she has made!

We are SO lucky to have such an amazing teacher and friend in Stephanie! Thank you for all you do!


From Monday June 19th to Sunday June 25th the Spotted Dog Yoga community will participate in the “Good Morning Sunshine Challenge! During the week, students will commit to doing as many “early bird” yoga classes as possible. This challenge gets people out of their normal routine and shows them the power of waking up and doing yoga first thing in the morning! The promise of this challenge is that it will bring SDY students a renewed sense of vitality, power and freedom in their bodies and lives! 

Spotted Dog Yoga is a Baptiste Yoga Affiliate studio in Folsom, CA. Our style of teaching is derived directly from the the methodology and teachings of Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Yoga Institute. For more than 25 years Baron Baptiste has devoted his life to creating and sharing transformational yoga practices and programs. He shares the Baptiste Yoga methodology through workshops, books, yoga teacher trainings and his continued work with non-profit organizations.

In Baron’s book “40 Days To Personal Revolution” he speaks to the power of practicing yoga in the early morning…

“It is best to practice first thing in the morning, before eating, because your mind and body are free from clutter and therefore more impressionable than at an other time during the day!  It is a wonderful way to set the tone of your day. Plus, if you don’t get it in the morning, you very likely won’t do it later as you get caught up in your day. The discipline of getting up just a little bit earlier each day will soon prove to be golden to you, as the power of the morning is invaluable.”

Spotted Dog Yoga exists to inspire students who are willing to do the work to unlock their greatest potential. This program has been set up for YOU to do just that…all you have to do is sign up and show up!

Sign up NOW and get ready for a transformational week at Spotted Dog Yoga.


“Don’t think…just DO!” Meet SDY student Maribel

Meet Maribel! She is originally from Fremont, CA but has lived in Folsom for about 15 years. She and her husband, Bret, have been together 20 years and have three children…16 year old Camila, 13 year old Mateo and 9 year old Emilio. Maribel is an interior designer for a super-cool architecture firm in downtown Sac and she teaches a class at Sacramento State. She is certain that yoga gave her the confidence to take the chance with both of these gigs.


Maribel has been practicing with us at Spotted Dog Yoga for a little over 2 years. She saw the studio being built out and it drew her in like a magnet. She had been having a difficult time finding motivation to work out, was out of shape and in a funk.

Maribel scoured the SDY website for about a week for clues on what to bring and what to expect and finally got the nerve to just show up, pay $20 for 21 days and try to make as many classes as possible. She was hooked after that! Though not initially ideal with her family and 2 jobs, the early morning classes are perfect for her schedule and she has seen more sunrises in the last 2 years than in all her life! Maribel says that “early morning yoga is the best” and feels that it’s a really magical way to start her day—grounded, present and breathing.

Yoga helps her put things into perspective and to not take every little thing so seriously. Big shifts have happened in Maribel’s life because she has taken action instead of “over thinking.” She is always asking herself now “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” and she has done things she never would have tried and didn’t have the nerve to do before. The mental aspect of yoga has been the most impactful. Don’t overthink things and take action, it’s a fact that things will happen! In addition, all of the physical things you read about yoga have happened for Maribel: reduced stress, increased flexibility, muscle tone and strength.

Maribel’s favorite thing about Spotted Dog Yoga is that she ALWAYS feels welcome when she walks in the door at…like Norm from the show “Cheers”!

Our favorite thing about Maribel is her dedication to her practice and the community at SDY! We are so grateful that she decided to take a chance on us two years ago!